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As reported by CVG, the Official Xbox magazine US has reviewed Final Fantasy XIII-2 and has praised the game. OXM gave the game a 9/10 and pretty much says that Final Fantasy XIII-2 “fixes pretty much every point of contention” from its predecessor. The magazine went on to say that Final Fantasy XIII-2 fixes almost every problem the first game had and this should have been the game Square Enix released two years ago. They also reiterated the fact that fans who have lost faith in the Final Fantasy series after Final Fantasy XIII, will have their faith and excitement restored while playing Final Fantasy XIII-2.

They concluded by saying it’s an “amazing sequel”. [SOURCE]
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Final Fantasy XIII-2 is turning heads this week with a 40/40 from Famitsu; the third perfect score this year from the Japanese publication.

Like Skyrim and Skyward Sword before it, FFXIII-2 received four 10/10 scores from four different journalists at Famitsu. The title's predecessor, Final Fantasy XIII, was just shy of a perfect score with one of the four journalists giving it a 9/10. Famitsu said that Final Fantasy XIII-2 fixes the issues of the first game and adds a ton of gameplay. Perhaps this will boost up pre-orders for FFXIII-2 which releases January 31st in North America and February 3rd in Europe. [SOURCE]
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