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News out of Japan confirms the character as DLC.

Apparently Square Enix has DLC plans for Final Fantasy XIII-2. A rumor out of Famitsu Magazine in Japan claims that Lightning will return and become a playable party member in the update. This isn't the first Square Enix has said about the inclusion of the character, as earlier reported, she'll turn up in "Coliseum Battles". Defeating her in one of the said battles will grant the abilty to use the character in your party.

Andria Sang confirms that there will also be "Secret Story Episodes" surrounding the character in the downloadable content. Other details coming out of the interview include other types of downloadable content that Square Enix will explore with the upcoming release. Classic Final Fantasy bosses are a possibility for Coliseum Battles as well.

While already released in Japan, Final Fantasy XIII-2 is getting ready to release in North America later this month. [SOURCE]
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Jump Festa 2012 is underway and Square Enix has revealed some upcoming DLC plans for XIII-2 at their booth.

First off, the Omega DLC will be available in Japan on 12/22. No pricing was given. Serah and Noel costumes will be releasing starting in January with the AKB48 winning costume and Assassin’s Creed respectively. In February, a swimsuit costume for Serah will be released… as a pink bikini.

Apparently Lightning will be featured as Colosseum DLC. She is said to be wearing her old outfit from FFXIII. [SOURCE]
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At a Square Enix Members event, producer Yoshinori Kitase fielded a few questions about Final Fantasy XIII-2 kindly transcribed by an attendee. Someone in the audience asked for more details about the game’s downloadable content.

Kitase reminded the group about the costumes and Omega encounter, which were previously announced and said the game would have additional scenarios. Another person asked if characters from Final Fantasy XIII for battle use would be DLC. Kitase said this is under consideration and further details about DLC will be announced after the game launches. [SOURCE]
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Importing saves for extra content seems to be the norm these days when it comes to sequels. For the most part, importing your save will allow you to get extra equipment, bonus character skins, or for story based games like Mass Effect, allow you to continue your character’s story. Square Enix is forgoing all of these options for Fina Fantasy XIII-2 and going with something completely different and… unique.

If you still have your Final Fantasy XIII save lying around, Final Fantasy XIII-2 will let you listen to the summary movie of the original in the voice of any character. Thanks Square Enix, you guys are really pushing the envelope there as I really wanted to hear Vanille narrate the story again. In other news, the game’s equipment system has also been revealed. Each character will be able to carry four items and will have a weight limit that cannot be exceeded. Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be released on January 31st for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. [SOURCE]
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