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News out of Japan confirms the character as DLC.

Apparently Square Enix has DLC plans for Final Fantasy XIII-2. A rumor out of Famitsu Magazine in Japan claims that Lightning will return and become a playable party member in the update. This isn't the first Square Enix has said about the inclusion of the character, as earlier reported, she'll turn up in "Coliseum Battles". Defeating her in one of the said battles will grant the abilty to use the character in your party.

Andria Sang confirms that there will also be "Secret Story Episodes" surrounding the character in the downloadable content. Other details coming out of the interview include other types of downloadable content that Square Enix will explore with the upcoming release. Classic Final Fantasy bosses are a possibility for Coliseum Battles as well.

While already released in Japan, Final Fantasy XIII-2 is getting ready to release in North America later this month. [SOURCE]
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According to this week’s PlayStation Blog’s Blogcast, a Final Fantasy XIII-2 demo will be released during next week’s PlayStation Store update on January 10th. That’s three weeks before its official release, giving you ample time to try out the new mechanics and see if 2012 will start out with a JRPG bang. The only bad thing is that if you do end up enjoying it, you’ll have to wait anxiously until January 31st in North America and February 3rd in Europe to finally get your hands on this year’s Final Fantasy.

Based on past playable demos released from the Final Fantasy series, the gameplay piece will likely be what was seen on convention floors during 2011. If that’s the case, the demo will feature Serah and Noel as they seek to find Lightning who has disappeared after the events of Final Fantasy XIII. There will be plenty of gameplay as well as a mini-boss in addition to the gorgeous visuals that Square Enix is known for. Be sure to try it out, and share your experiences with us! [SOURCE]
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