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Welcome to [community profile] sisters_farron (SISTERS » FARRON), a community dedicated to the relationship between Serah and Lightning/Claire Farron of Square Enix's recently released Final Fantasy XIII (2010).
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Serah Farron - The Final Fantasy Wikia
Lightning Farron - The Final Fantasy Wikia

#SerahClub - DA's one and only Serah Farron fanclub!
#Lightning Fanclub - A DeivantART Fanclub for fans of Lightning Farron
#SistersofFaith - A DeivantART Fanclub dedicated to the relationship between Serah and Lightning Farron
#FFXIIIGirls - The DeviantART club for the female characters of Final Fantasy XIII
#Ai-No-Eien - Fanclub for the couple Snow Villiers and Serah Farron from Final Fantasy XIII.
#LauraBailey-Fans - The DeviantART club for voice actress Laura Bailey
#Ali-Light - Ali Hillis, Lightning Farron & Anything Ali Related - Fanclub! All Fans Are Very Welcome!!

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